Quote related to 'March Of The Black Queen' from 'Queen II'

There's a place somewhere in the middle of Father to Son - I think it's the beginning of the second verse - when suddenly the whole of the army of guitars kicks in. And that, to me… I remember hearing that back - and I'm not even sure how many guitars are on there, probably double figures - and for the first time, I heard that guitar orchestra coming back at me, and it was what I'd dreamed of since I'd heard Jeff Beck doing his Hi Ho Silver Lining. That's what I wanted, in my head. There's a moment in Black Queen when something similar happens with the voices. They're all being punched in, and it's just these cascading guitars. It's like Mantovani - I don't know if anybody knows who Mantovani is anymore, but that kind of bell cascade effect was in the minds of both Freddie and I. I did it with guitars, and Freddie and Mike Stone did it with voices, actually punching them in from the desk. Suddenly you realise there are what it seems like thousands of voices coming at you from all sides.

Brian May; Classic Rock, February 2014