Quote related to 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' from 'Queen II'

That was a song which nearly went on the first album - in fact, there is a little taste of it at the end of the first album. We said, “we're gonna make something which they're gonna have to play,” and we went out and did it on tour and the single went into the charts without anybody playing it on the radio and they eventually did have to play it, and we felt it was fairly immediate anyway and wanted everything in there - everything but the kitchen sink is on that track. [The lyric] was Freddie's dream at the time, really. At the time he was interested in sort of folklore. I don't really know what it's about, to be honest. That was one of the very few tracks which Freddie's written which were actually basically guitar-oriented, because he was playing it on the guitar at that time, which he doesn't really do anymore. I remember him sort of playing it and saying, “Look, this is how it should be.” That was just the time that he started to take his piano-playing seriously and didn't wanna write songs on the guitar anymore.

Brian May; Australian radio, 1977