Quote related to 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' from 'Queen II'

It's a universal truth that more groups break up because of songwriting arguments than anything else in the world because the songs are your babies. I've probably never spoken about this before ever, but I remember the Seven Seas of Rhye thing was Freddie's idea - he had this slightly little riff idea on the piano, and I think all the middle-eight is stuff that I did, so we definitely worked on it together. But when it came to the album coming out Freddie went, “I wrote that,” and we all went, “OK.” It didn't seem like that big a deal but Freddie said, “You know, I wrote the words and it was my idea, so it is my song.” The sort of unwritten law was the person who brought the song in would get the credit for writing that song and the money for writing that song. Much, much later in Queen history, we recognised this fact.

Brian May; Days of Our Lives, 2011