Quote related to 'See What A Fool I’ve Been' from 'Queen II'

It was a little bit out of the scope of our main thrust. It really represented us on stage in the early days, doing bluesy things, which was a lot of fun. From the beginning we knew fairly clearly what our direction was, although it was argued about all the time. We always went for the maximum colour and experiment and scope and breadth, and things like See What A Fool didn't really belong in that. In fact, it was an adaptation of an existing blues standard - you're going to ask me which one, and I don't know! I heard it on a TV broadcast.  It was one of those things where… I remember hearing how The Beatles heard Apache on the radio and wanted to do a version of it, but they weren't able to remember it properly so they put together an instrumental which became Cry for A Shadow, it was the same sort of thing. I heard this song once on a TV programme and remembered about a third of it and put together something which, in my mind, is the same thing. And I don't know how much accurately I did it because I still haven't found the original! It's funny. We were actually looking a few weeks ago to see if we could discover what the song was and who the original author was. I'd love to find out, because I'd like to pay the guy!

Brian May; Goldmine, 10th of August 2001