Quote related to 'See What A Fool I’ve Been' from 'Queen II'

Ever since we used to play See What A Fool I've Been in the early days of Queen, I knew that I had borrowed the idea for the song from a performance I had seen on TV - of a visiting Blues company, which I remembered included Big Bill Broonzy, and Muddy Waters, Matt Murphy, and others. I only heard the song once, and there were no recorders to hand in those days (at least not where I lived !) What I remembered was just a chord sequence and a couple of lines - I worked it up into a song, actually for Smile before Queen, and it was a way for me to pursue an idea of using huge dynamics in a bluesy song to make it cut across heavy… if you know what I mean … it was one of the ingredients of the Dreams of Queen in the early days .... When it came around to doing the label for the song (we used a very rough take of it for an early B-side) I could only put for the composer credit: ‘Traditional - arr. May' because I didn't know who had done the song which had inspired me. I always said I would eventually find out who the missing author was and credit him. Well, it was much harder than I had thought. I looked in all the places I could think of, and many people have tried to find the song since then, but without success. I was beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing. We're talking about 30 years ago or more.

Brian May; Official Website, 4th of February 2004