Quotes related to 'Delilah' from 'Innuendo' album

Delilah is just Freddie. It reminds me of his solo album, Mr Bad Guy.

Nuno Bettencourt; Guitar World, August 1991 #

I was pleased with the guitar on that. It's the first time. I finally succumbed and used [a Talkbox]. They wheeled it in and I said, “Well, I suppose there's no other way I can make ‘meow' noises.”

Brian May; Guitar World, August 1991 #

That was in Switzerland.

James Hutton; radio interview, November 1995 #

The four tracks [off Innuendo] whose words and music outline were Freddie's are obviously All God's People and Slightly Mad as well as Delilah, which, as all Freddie-lovers know was written about his favourite cat. On first listening, everybody was shocked because they couldn't understand writing a song about a girl who pees on his Chippendale suite. It is not until after this part of the song, that it is revealed that he is indeed writing about the cat. I think some people may have even been offended. But, did that worry Freddie? This time, we were amused. And then, of course, there was Bijou, the fourth.

Peter Freestone; An Intimate Memoir, 1st of November 2001 #

I hate Delilah. That's just not me.

Roger Taylor; Classic Rock, September 2013 #