Quotes related to 'Mustapha' from 'Jazz' album

Strange one that.

Roger Taylor; letter to the Fan Club, autumn 1978 #

It's almost impossible to describe. It's probably the most different song on the LP. It starts off in mono with a particularly strangled sound and explodes into glorious stereo halfway through.

Brian May; Boston Globe, November 1978 #

Though some people think that the secret to my tone is my use of a wah-wah pedal as a tone filter, this is untrue (though I do recall doing this once on Mustapha to get that strangled kind of Eastern sound). Actually what I do is experiment with different pickup combinations. You see, most switching systems don't take advantage of the range of sounds available from a three-pickup configuration.

Brian May; Guitar World, October 1998 #

This language was part of Freddie's heritage in his family, and he had a special affinity with it. The track was a great fun thing to do .. incorporating unusual flavours, and encouraging us to play in Eastern styles !! I'm sure the lyrics are in the original album sleeve. But I cannot tell you what they mean!

Brian May; Official Website, 10th of March 2007 #

I am out of this frame ! I'm not absolutely sure Freddie wanted to be understood here!!

Brian May; Official Website, 11th of March 2007 #